Touch Typing Lesson 3: Typing The Bottom Row

You are almost done with the basic keys! It is time to learn to type the bottom row.

The Index Finger Keys

We will begin by learning to type the two keys below your right and left index fingers: m v

Typing Exercise 3.1
mmm mmm mmm mmm vvv vvv vvv vvv mmm vvv mmm vvv mmm vvv mvm mvm mvm mvm vmv vmv vmv vmv mmm mmm mmm vvv vvv vvv mv mv mv vm vm vm mm vv mv vm vm mv mm mv vv vm m m m m v v v v m v v m m v v m mvm mmv vmm vvm mvv vvv mmm vmv

Practice typing m and v with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 3.2
mmm mmm vvv vvv mmm vvv jjj mmm jjj mmm fff vvv fff vvv jmj jmj fvf fvf mjm mjm vfv vfv ava ava svs svs dvd dvd fvf fvf gvg gvg hvh hvh jvj jvj lvl lvl ;v; ;v; ama ama sms sms dmd dmd fmf fmf gmg gmg hmh hmh jmj jmj kmk kmk lml lml ;m; ;m;

The Middle Finger Keys

Now let's learn to type the two keys below your middle fingers: , c

Typing Exercise 3.3
,,, ,,, ,,, ,,, ccc ccc ccc ccc ,,, ccc ,,, ccc ,,, ccc ,c, ,c, ,c, ,c, c,c c,c c,c c,c ,,, ,,, ,,, ccc ccc ccc ,c ,c ,c c, c, c, ,, cc ,c c, c, ,c ,, ,c cc c, , , , , c c c c , c c , , c c , ,c, ,,c c,, cc, ,cc ccc ,,, c,c

Work on typing , and c with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 3.4
,,, ,,, ccc ccc ,,, ccc kkk ,,, kkk ,,, ddd ccc ddd ccc k,k k,k dcd dcd ,k, ,k, cdc cdc aca aca scs scs dcd dcd fcf fcf gcg gcg hch hch jcj jcj kck kck lcl lcl ;c; ;c; a,a a,a s,s s,s d,d d,d f,f f,f g,g g,g h,h h,h j,j j,j k,k k,k l,l l,l ;,; ;,;

The Ring Finger Keys

It's time to learn the ring finger keys: . x

Typing Exercise 3.5
... ... ... ... xxx xxx xxx xxx ... xxx ... xxx ... xxx .x. .x. .x. .x. x.x x.x x.x x.x ... ... ... xxx xxx xxx .x .x .x x. x. x. .. xx .x x. x. .x .. .x xx x. . . . . x x x x . x x . . x x . .x. ..x x.. xx. .xx xxx ... x.x

Now try those together with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 3.6
... ... xxx xxx ... xxx lll ... lll ... sss xxx sss xxx l.l l.l sxs sxs .l. .l. xsx xsx axa axa sxs sxs dxd dxd fxf fxf gxg gxg hxh hxh jxj jxj kxk kxk lxl lxl ;x; ;x; a.a a.a s.s s.s d.d d.d f.f f.f g.g g.g h.h h.h j.j j.j k.k k.k l.l l.l ;.; ;.;

The Pinky Finger Keys

Now for the the pinky finger keys: / z

Typing Exercise 3.7
/// /// /// /// zzz zzz zzz zzz /// zzz /// zzz /// zzz /z/ /z/ /z/ /z/ z/z z/z z/z z/z /// /// /// zzz zzz zzz /z /z /z z/ z/ z/ // zz /z z/ z/ /z // /z zz z/ / / / / z z z z / z z / / z z / /z/ //z z// zz/ /zz zzz /// z/z

And combine those with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 3.8
/// /// zzz zzz /// zzz ;;; /// ;;; /// aaa zzz aaa zzz ;/; ;/; aza aza /;/ /;/ zaz zaz aza aza szs szs dzd dzd fzf fzf gzg gzg hzh hzh jzj jzj kzk kzk lzl lzl ;z; ;z; a/a a/a s/s s/s d/d d/d f/f f/f g/g g/g h/h h/h j/j j/j k/k k/k l/l l/l ;/; ;/;

N and B

The n and b keys are the final 2 bottom row keys. You will reach these keys by moving your index fingers down and to the side. Practice extending your right index finger down and to the left to hit the n key. Then try reaching down and to the right with your left index finger for the b key.

Typing Exercise 3.9
nnn nnn nnn nnn bbb bbb bbb bbb nnn bbb nnn bbb nnn bbb nbn nbn nbn nbn bnb bnb bnb bnb nnn nnn nnn bbb bbb bbb nb nb nb bn bn bn nn bb nb bn bn nb nn nb bb bn n n n n b b b b n b b n n b b n nbn nnb bnn bbn nbb bbb nnn bnb

Let's work on those with the home row.

Typing Exercise 3.10
nnn nnn bbb bbb nnn bbb ;;; nnn ;;; nnn aaa bbb aaa bbb ;n; ;n; aba aba n;n n;n bab bab aba aba sbs sbs dbd dbd fbf fbf gbg gbg hbh hbh jbj jbj kbk kbk lbl lbl ;b; ;b; ana ana sns sns dnd dnd fnf fnf gng gng hnh hnh jnj jnj knk knk lnl lnl ;n; ;n;

Practice Typing with Words

Excellent work! You have learned to type all the letters in the alphabet, as well as basic punctuation keys. Let's put them all together!

Typing Exercise 3.11
zebras are not exactly known for being quiet animals. she/he would very likely just play along for a while. you can make quite a lot of lemon zest with even larger sized lemons; please cover each plate. six foxes quickly woke axel; just in time. i caught five jelly fish, six octopus and two sea urchins for my buddy ben. eight / six is exactly equal to four / three.

Feel free to repeat any of the exercises in this typing lesson. When you can complete them with nearly 100% accuracy you are ready to move on to the next lesson!

You are now ready for the basic typing test!

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