Touch Typing Lesson 2: The Top Row

Congratulations on mastering the home row! You are now ready to learn to type the top row. You will be moving your fingers much more frequently in this lesson. Remember to always return your fingers to the home row and keep your fingers curved and pointing directly down on the keys. This will make it easier to reach the new keys you will learn in this lesson. Strike the keys with only enough force required to register a keystroke. As you encounter new keys, slow down as much as necessary to reach them with accuracy.

The Index Finger Keys

We will start the lesson by learning the two keys above your left and right index fingers: u r

Typing Exercise 2.1
uuu uuu uuu uuu rrr rrr rrr rrr uuu rrr uuu rrr uuu rrr uru uru uru uru rur rur rur rur uuu uuu uuu rrr rrr rrr ur ur ur ru ru ru uu rr ur ru ru ur uu ur rr ru u u u u r r r r u r r u u r r u uru uur ruu rru urr rrr uuu rur

U R amazing! Now let's learn to type u and r with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 2.2
uuu uuu rrr rrr uuu rrr jjj uuu jjj uuu fff rrr fff rrr juj juj frf frf uju uju rfr rfr ara ara srs srs frf frf drd drd grg grg hrh hrh jrj jrj lrl lrl ;r; ;r; aua aua sus sus dud dud fuf fuf gug gug huh huh juj juj kuk kuk lul lul ;u; ;u;

The Middle Finger Keys

Great job! Let's move on to the two keys above your left and right middle fingers: i e

Typing Exercise 2.3
iii iii iii iii eee eee eee eee iii eee iii eee iii eee iei iei iei iei eie eie eie eie iii iii iii eee eee eee ie ie ie ei ei ei ii ee ie ei ei ie ii ie ee ei i i i i e e e e i e e i i e e i iei iie eii eei iee eee iii eie

Let's learn to type i and e with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 2.4
iii iii eee eee iii eee kkk iii kkk iii ddd eee ddd eee kik kik ded ded iki iki ede ede aea aea ses ses ded ded fef fef geg geg heh heh jej jej kek kek lel lel ;e; aia aia sis sis did did fif fif gig gig hih hih jij jij kik kik lil lil ;i; ;i;

You have just learned 3 new vowels, which means you are ready to practice typing actual words. Let's give it a go:

Typing Exercise 2.5
kid red did rid fed riff kidder udder rudder sir ire ide use fuse ruse hid gig lure lug lid dill frill drill file side kiss less jug jerk desk disk ask ark aid ail fail fake rake sake lake jake age usage lids slid slide laid reads fare luge slider shake shade gads gags sage shares slur skids kisses fuss hashed haggle sashes

The Ring Finger Keys

It's time to learn the ring finger keys: o w

Typing Exercise 2.6
ooo ooo ooo ooo www www www www ooo www ooo www ooo www owo owo owo owo wow wow wow wow ooo ooo ooo www www www ow ow ow wo wo wo oo ww ow wo wo ow oo ow ww wo o o o o w w w w o w w o o w w o owo oow woo wwo oww www ooo wow

Wow! That was awesome. Now put those together with the home row.

Typing Exercise 2.7
ooo ooo www www ooo www lll ooo lll ooo sss www sss www lol lol sws sws olo olo wsw wsw awa awa sws sws dwd dwd fwf fwf gwg gwg hwh hwh jwj jwj kwk kwk lwl lwl ;w; ;w; aoa aoa sos sos dod dod fof fof gog gog hoh hoh joj joj kok kok lol lol ;o; ;o;

The Pinky Finger Keys

Almost done! Let's learn the pinky finger keys: p q

Typing Exercise 2.8
ppp ppp ppp ppp qqq qqq qqq qqq ppp qqq ppp qqq ppp qqq pqp pqp pqp pqp qpq qpq qpq qpq ppp ppp ppp qqq qqq qqq pq pq pq qp qp qp pp qq pq qp qp pq pp pq qq qp p p p p q q q q p q q p p q q p pqp ppq qpp qqp pqq qqq ppp qpq

And combine those with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 2.9
ppp ppp qqq qqq ppp qqq ;;; ppp ;;; ppp aaa qqq aaa qqq ;p; ;p; aqa aqa p;p p;p qaq qaq aqa aqa sqs sqs dqd dqd fqf fqf gqg gqg hqh hqh jqj jqj kqk kqk lql lql ;q; ;q; apa apa sps sps dpd dpd fpf fpf gpg gpg hph hph jpj jpj kpk kpk lpl lpl ;p; ;p;

Y and T

The y and t keys are the final 2 top row keys. You will reach these keys by moving your index fingers up and to the side. Practice extending your right index finger up and to the left to hit the y key. Then try reaching up and to the right with your left index finger for the t key.

Typing Exercise 2.10
yyy yyy yyy yyy ttt ttt ttt ttt yyy ttt yyy ttt yyy ttt yty yty yty yty tyt tyt tyt tyt yyy yyy yyy ttt ttt ttt yt yt yt ty ty ty yy tt yt ty ty yt yy yt tt ty y y y y t t t t y t t y y t t y yty yyt tyy tty ytt ttt yyy tyt

Practice typing y and t with the home row keys.

Typing Exercise 2.11
yyy yyy ttt ttt yyy ttt ;;; yyy ;;; yyy aaa ttt aaa ttt ;y; ;y; ata ata y;y y;y tat tat ata ata sts sts dtd dtd ftf ftf gtg gtg hth hth jtj jtj ktk ktk ltl ltl ;t; ;t; aya aya sys sys dyd dyd fyf fyf gyg gyg hyh hyh jyj jyj kyk kyk lyl lyl ;y; ;y;

Typing Simple Words

Fantastic! You have now covered more than two thirds of the alphabet! Let's put all those letters to use and work on typing some words.

Typing Exercise 2.12
the four lads stood quietly atop the tower; pear salad is a great quirky dish; plaid dads play golf; slide the glass to your good pal; we gladly yapped for two hours; wade through the water to us; either of us will go; we used our gold goose eggs well; let us do tea for two; go forward to the other side; other ghosts will spook us; the riders had quite a lot of leg power; you see how easy it is to type the top row; a little further to go yet; i wish i had read the flyer fully; read it for us please; joe sipped jade tea jealously; kate flew her fast kite sky high;

Feel free to repeat any of the exercises in this typing lesson. When you can complete them with nearly 100% accuracy you are ready to move on to the next lesson!

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